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Ind. apartment owner told to give back welfare funds

In the season that celebrates giving, one Indianapolis apartment agency may be returning welfare aid for alleged illegal actions.

WRTV-TV reports the Indiana Housing Authority is calling for the owners of the Phoenix Apartments to repay $300,000.

Officials said the complex failed to disclose required information to qualify for the payments.

14748128_240x180.jpg Bud Myers, of the Indianapolis Housing Authority, said RCM Phoenix Partners, which owns the Phoenix apartments, supplied incorrect information to the agency to get federal aid. Myers also said there are other problems, WRTV-TV reports.

The apartment complex recently drew local and national attention as the location where a 3-year-old was tortured and beaten to death by her parents.

Federal rules require welfare landlords to disclose troubled business deals and legal problems. RCM has until Dec. 14 to repay the money or challenge the order.


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IN brings the heat for low-income families

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels announced last week that $56 million will help heat up Hoosier homes this winter.

inSide Indiana Business reports the money will come from the state’s Energy Assistance Program.

The assistance program includes $44 million of federal funds, $6.9 million from a special allocation of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) funds previously ordered by the governor, and $4.7 million in contingency and carry-over funds from the 2006-07 program year.

The money will help individuals and families with incomes up to 150 percent of the poverty level who need help paying their winter heating bills.

Daniels increased the level of eligibility from 125 percent of the poverty level to 150 percent of the poverty level two years ago.

To get more information on the assistance program, contact your local utility company.

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For Indy welfare benefits are automatic, systematic

Aid for low-income families in Indiana has gone high tech.

Now, residents of 12 north central Indiana can log on or call in to the newly -minted automatic system to see if they qualify for welfare benefits.

At the end of October, Forbes.com reported that the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration rolled out a new automated program to about 10 percent of its caseload of children, senior citizens, and needy and disabled people who receive welfare benefits.

The move is all part of an overhaul in the local system of public aid. On Oct. 3, the FSSA’s Bureau of Child Care announced the TANF transfer of an additional $10 million into the Child Care Development Fund, CCDF.

The transfer is all part of a plan to bump the Hoosier state up in the state poverty rankings nationwide.

Lt. Governor Becky Skillman says, “the extra dollars in the Child Care Development Fund will help serve nearly 2,000 additional children whose parents are transitioning out of the welfare system.”

Yeah, that and the money helps Indiana move from 49th to 30th in Federal Poverty Level served.

And speaking of served, welfare recipients will no longer have to travel to welfare offices for face-to-face meetings, though those meetings are still an option.

The FSSA hopes to eventually spread the 12-county pilot program to all other counties statewide.

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State helps low-income Hoosiers pay for child care

This week, Indiana kicks up its efforts to make sure parents on welfare have affordable child care.

To help low-income families balance work and parenthood, the state is picking up the bill. This month, The Indianapolis Star reports state officials put $10 million toward child care vouchers for thousands of children whose parents are working to get off welfare.

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