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MO welfare official tells all to come and apply

At a recent public meeting on the services provided by the state of Missouri, one welfare official set out to be the least bias in the bunch

Family Support Division
trainer Lucy Torres, who specializes in helping women with children, in explaining details of the various regulations for the state programs, made good on the term equal opportunity.

According to reports, Torres said the goal of TANF is to get you back on your feet.

“Even if you think you are not eligible for TANF, come and apply,” Torres said. “We understand need.”

Currently, the state limit for welfare assistance is 60 months, but Torres insisted that exceptions can be made for such issues as disability and medical reasons.

For more information on the resources and programs available call (816) 471-2330. If you need more clarification on Missouri benefits, you can reach Lucy Torres at (816) 889-2343.


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National Conference on (Not) Making Ends Meet, Register Now

For all of you policy enthusiasts out there, a big shindig on social issues in going down our nation’s capital this week! The one day event will include a forum to discuss working families struggling to get by.

The registration website notes, “In the United States, it is generally assumed that that getting a job is enough to make ends meet. But, in today’s labor market, where nearly a quarter of jobs pay low wages and offer no benefits, this couldn’t be further from the truth for millions of workers and their families.”

So if you’re in Washington D.C. on Oct. 18, grab your bullhorn and soapbox and meet at the Bridging the Gaps National Conference, sponsored by The Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Register online now by clicking here.

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