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Program helps women work to better their lives

The Women’s Bureau has been doing the work to make sure women have jobs since the 1920s.

As part of their venture, the bureau sponsors Working Women in Transition . The multi-regional demonstration project, co-sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor, is designed to assist women who have arrived at a significant transition in their work lives.

Hands.net, a news wire on human service events, detailed the latest graduation from at Working Women in Transition initiative in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Arkansas-based Hope Center, a faith-based organization, conducted the graduation ceremony for current and past recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) who completed the program.

The transition program currently has initiatives in 11 states.

For more information on how to start an initiative in your area, contact the U.S. Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau.


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  1. Hi, my man is an ex-offender and it very hard for him to get a job, it has put a tramendous amount of stress on our family economically and financially. It’s even hard for him to get a warehouse job, How Can We get ahead, when the system is made for felons to fail. We need help, I am a strong black woman and I have a good job, but it is not enough, my man is the man of the household, I think he feels less than a man, because he hasn’t been able to find a job, he has been getting turned down every where, I keep telling him that everything is going tobe okay, how long can I keep telling him that, he is trying very hard. WE NEED HELP!!!

    Comment by Carla,C | January 25, 2008

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