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TANF money funds healthy marriage program

Laurel Community Family Center staff

Is it too intrusive to get good marriage advice through your local government?

One local community group in Laurel, Miss. thinks it’s a good idea, especially for families that can’t afford marital enrichment classes.Yesterday, the Laurel Leader Call featured a program promoting healthy marriages through a TANF grant, awarded by the Department of Human Services under the Mississippi Healthy Marriage Initiative. Mariann Taylor, director of the Laurel Community Family Center, says the grant is necessary for making healthy families, which leads to healthy communities.

When you have strong, stable marriages, it trickles down into all aspects of your society.

“You have a better economy, you have less crime. So that was the city’s thinking in writing this, and I’ve been to some conferences and training, and they’re really applauding the city for being that forward thinking.”

Taylor said governments have begun to fund healthy marriage initiatives across the nation because research shows children, on average, do better when raised in a two-parent family.

The Intiative’s website says “the Mississippi Healthy Marriage Initiative is not a counseling program. ” But it is designed to help singles make informed decisions, and couples making lasting choices.

For more information on the family center, call 601-425-4035.


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